Be a bee

Interactive and immersive experience to understand everything about the life of bees to the house of nature park Galame

A touch table of large format projections in control of an immersive room. The room has a triple screen facing the table. The first contact with the application is controlled by tangible objects that represent the different stages of the life of a worker bee. When one of these objects is placed in the receptacle to the right of the screen, it controls the main table of the interface. This shows the different chapters of a documentary 1 at 4 minutes describing the given period of bee’s life and role in the hive. A touch on one of these chapters is launching the film on the triple screen


The touch table measures 55 inches, it fits in the center of an immersive space in the permanent exhibition of the MNE Galamé Park in Loon-Plage.
The table is connected to three video projectors that control a video image of 12m x 3m. A spatial sound adds to the feeling of immertion.
One by RFID object recognition device is integrated into the furniture and a fun and participatory handling the visitor.



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