Colin Bouvry

Presentations :

COLIN BOUVRY / 1983 Creative Code, Museography, Engineering research and creation, Development, Installation, Audiovisual, Multimedia, Electronics, Embedded Software, Video Game, Multi-screen video, Video Mapping, Digital Scenography, Application, and Digital Art compose his works.

Trained in a technical curriculum in electronics then image and sound engineering, Colin cultivated his interest in the mix between art and technology.

He develops an interest for libCinder, openFrameworks, touchDesigner, Pixi.js, Three.js, arduino, raspberry pi, Unreal Engine … solutions as well as for C ++, C, javascript languages ​​… for all-public creative projects.

He began his professional career in the Numeriscausa digital art gallery in Paris, and now works with: EnsadLab in Engineering Research and Creation, the center of National Monuments, artists (light, video, drawing, painting, plastic …), various clients specialized in (museography, events, video, computer, communication, video game, multimedia …).

He currently works in Research and Creation Engineering particularly on tracking devices (video, passive RFID, Real Time Locating System (RTLS): active RFID, Ultra Wide Band, geolocation smartphone, Bluetooth Low Energy).

He likes to offer the public, access, knowledge, cultural and educational information, using technical and artistic means while promoting efficient and collaborative tools.

Diplomas :

DUT Electric and Industrial computing option electronic in Belfort
Licence & Master electronic and image in Dijon
Master Audiovisual & Multimedia in image et sound engineering  in Valenciennes

Training :